Stellar Networking Solutions for Your Business

Trust Orion Integration Services for your firm's IT needs

Information systems are the backbone to modern business operations. Your business relies on its networking and information systems to gain a competitive edge and to function at its best. Orion Integration Services designs information technology solutions for businesses, and we can help you modernize your facility.
We also provide contracted technical support to small- and medium-sized businesses. Our team has extensive IT expertise and delivers comprehensive support for every client.
Find out how we can move your business forward with enterprise networking solutions by calling 800-355-7315 today.

Customized Services from a Team of Established Professionals

Since 2012, we've provided exceptional information technology solutions to companies and government organizations. We have 26+ years of experience in the cybersecurity industry and have served more than 100 clients across our senior staff.
We provide support to businesses near us in Colorado and across the US. Our team can accommodate businesses and government organizations with workforces from 5 people to 1000.

What Services Does Orion Integration Services Provide?

We have a wide range of IT knowledge thanks to our team's experience in the industry. Some of our areas of expertise include...

  • Systems design, management, monitoring and support
  • Application integration, management and monitoring
  • Security architecture, assessment and design
  • Media integration and storage management
  • Compliance strategy and planning
We can also help with mobility solutions, consulting, project planning and more. Contact us today to discover how we can design the right network solution for your business.